This beautiful 4799+ square foot
organic log and stone home sits on
Lake Templene, Michigan.

4 bedroom, 2.5 baths, 3 car garage
and much much more.


Welcome to our website.

David Munn Custom Builders provides design & build services to Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana. Our extensive services also include log homes, custom homes, light commercial, remodeling and more.

A little bit about us ...

We begin with the tree…. Literally. We offer an invitation to join us on a journey to create a new dwelling. We manifest "Personal Architecture" from a clean sheet of paper, we design, we build so that every space is a reflection of the vision and ready for how one lives. Costs are directed and determined by the client, every move is documented, and every dollar is accounted for. The home once complete will deliver a "Lifestyle" that must be seen and experienced to be understood. We utilize the finest materials, engage the most capable trades, sweat the details and as many things in life worth while….we can only deliver a few. The only limitations are what we can together conceive. The only tradition that lives within us is that of "inventing for the sake of what you say is meaningful".

We manage the process from engaging site management personnel to meet our every specification. We can show absolute grounding that our homes incorporate strategic planning to create a home with far more structural integrity then you will see anywhere. It is difficult in breif to display all of the "Value Drive Innovations" that we offer. We see that for the home to "be personal" it must reflect the values of the owners, not the builders. Our role is to integrate real world limitations with the aspiration and inspiration that you may represent. These homes are not for all, but when we do join, historically we produce a "landmark".

To see if what we do might interest you, please browse our website for more information or contact us for a consultation.
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